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Foreign travel insurance must be purchased before traveling outside the borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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About insurance for tourists

Insurance will help to protect a tourist, from problems with health to loss of luggage during a flight.

The policy covers providing ambulance and emergency health care connected with a sudden illness, acute exacerbation of a chronic illness or an accident.

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Are there any regional special features in health care centers of different countries?

In the event of occurrence of different nuances and non-standard situations, we recommend that you apply to your insurer for clarifications. For example, in the USA and France third parties will be informed about a patient"s condition only with his/her permission. In Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries the administration of hospitals takes the patient"s passport and returns it only after checkout from the hospital. In the Alps, rescue services issue an invoice for a rescue operation irrespective of the existence of an insurance policy. In Turkey, Thailand and Egypt the insured person may be forced to undergo additional fee-based medical procedures as necessary for improving health. 

Will the insurance company pay for an operation abroad?

If it is plastic surgery or an operation to correct vision, it will not pay. In the event of the necessity of an operation due to appendicitis or an accident, the insurance company will pay costs, but only within the limits of the amount insured indicated in the contract.

When is an insurance policy with a higher amount insured required?

If a tourist intends to engage in sports, especially extreme sports.

In what country is the insurance policy valid?

The insurance protection is valid in the country indicated in the insurance policy.

If an error is made in the name in the insurance policy, how can it be corrected?

We recommend checking your details immediately after execution. If you find an error, contact a manager of your insurance company. It is necessary to reissue the policy before going on vacation.

Что такое коридор для визы?

A Schengen visa provides for a certain number of days of stay in other countries. Some countries demand to have a visa corridor in the policy in case a tourist will not be able to return in time to the country of permanent residence due to the condition of his/her health. In that case, the insurance policy will be executed taking into account such periods. 

What does franchise mean in the insurance policy?

Franchise is release of the insurance company from compensation for damage that does not exceed a certain amount, i.e., when a customer assumes a certain portion of losses. Usually, this amount is about USD 30. The cost of that policy with franchise is lower, but if the insured event occurs, the franchise amount will be deducted from the insurance payment.

What can be done if the cost of treatment exceeds the amount insured?

The insurance company pays only the amount indicated in the contract. The insured person or his/her representative is informed of that in advance.

What does a non-insured event mean?

The insurance company does not cover risks connected with services that have not been confirmed by documentation: (with an invoice, a receipt, a receipt for tax purposes); in the event of provision of falsified or forged documents; negligence or gross negligence, and wilful acts of the policy holder; if the insured event happened due to military actions or military activities and consequences thereof; if upon the occurrence of an insured event a tourist was under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs, etc. 
Exclusions from insured events are diseases and health disorders that go beyond the coverage under the insurance contract.
In the event of loss of luggage insurance, the insurance protection does not cover the following property: money, jewellery, securities; precious metals in ingots, unmounted precious and semi-precious stones; antiques and unique items, works of art and collectibles (a collection of any similar items (stamps, calendars, insignias, plants, etc.) having scientific, historical or artistic interest or collected for amateur purposes), etc.

Where abroad do insured events take place most often?

The highest percentage of traumas and diseases of tourists is recorded in Turkey. Egypt leads in traumas caused by a vehicular accident. Then Thailand, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece follow. 

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